Quote of the Day: Resiliency

 “The oak fought the wind and was broken, the willow bent when it must and survived.”

― Robert Jordan, The Fires of Heaven

Has life ever presented you with a challenge so hard that you felt like giving up? Have you ever been placed outside of your comfort zone so much that you had no idea how you would be able to succeed? But what happened when you actually stuck it out through the ruff patch? You either triumphed or you learned something valuable in the end right? That is because every breakthrough in your life is proceeded by interruption and nothing new can grow in the same place where something is currently taking up space.

While we become familiar with the lives we live, whether good or bad, we often become resistant to change. However, change is inevitable as you grow, learn, and move within your surroundings, and you can’t approach new beginnings with old habits. Therefore, take on life with such fervor for the wisdom each day teaches you. For only then will you have captured the essence of living.

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