READY…SET…GOal!: 3 Tips to Help You Cross the Finish Line in 2020

As we countdown the last days until 2020, we begin to look forward to what the new year has to offer. What goals will you accomplish? What kind of people will you meet? It’s almost like the new year represents that reset button on the back of your appliance, which wipes away any previous malfunctions and offers a reboot with a clean slate.

With any new beginning, endless possibilities flood your mind. Nothing seems impossible and you dare anyone or anything to stop your progress. Like a prominent NBA player who suffers a knee injury, you are determined to get back out there…even before you are truly ready. Your mind may be back on the court but your follow through may need a little bit more work.

I’d like to highlight the importance of goals as 2019 comes to an end. Whether you’re finishing school, starting a new career, trimming relationships, purchasing a home, or even getting a handle on your health, setting a goal should be more than just writing something down in a journal or creating a vision board. It should be something that you actively work towards everyday, regardless of whether a new year is around the corner or not.

However, for the sake of the holiday season, I wanted to give you all 3 simple tips that can help ensure your goals won’t be just something off in a distance, but actually things that you can accomplish.

1) Keep A Calendar. If you are a visual learner or even just someone that needs a little help staying on track, it’s so important to have a calendar. Whether you use Google Calendar, your phone, or even an old school paper calendar with cute little puppies on it, a calendar not only allows you to write down important due dates, but it also gives you a visual representation of how wisely you’re using your time. Preparation days can be set up before the goal date, then marked down as the big day draws near. I’ve found this tool to be extremely helpful, especially with tasks like taking the GRE graduate school entrance exam or loosing weight for a bridesmaid’s dress lol!

2) Create Accountability Partners. Accountability partners are people who you can trust to hold you accountable for the task you’re trying to complete. These people are there to say “Hey, how’s you’re (insert task) doing?”. Depending on how intense you need them to be, they can call or text with reminders, or even offer affirmations or tips. When I first attempted to fast from carbs for the first month of the new year in 2016, a friend of mine would send me vegetable recipes, affirmations in the morning, and even scold me when I fell off track. This person can come in the form of a friend, life coach, advisor, etc. Think about it, wouldn’t you be more inclined to accomplish something if you knew someone was watching you?

3) Take Realistic, Yet Simplistic Steps. The worst thing to do when setting goals is to be unrealistic. Now of course realism is indeed relative. For example, the thought of someone involved in a bad car accident recovering completely in 6 months might seem unrealistic to some, but very realistic to others. The mental and physical capacity of a person all play a role in the timeframe that something can be accomplished. However, if you are someone who already has poor habits and need to start small to work their way to larger steps, that’s okay. To be honest, those people are more likely to maintain their goals and not revert back due to failure and discouragement. With checking off simple tasks everyday, you are more likely to succeed in the long run.

Setting and accomplishing goals can be both an exciting and scary journey. However, with the steps listed above, what can start off as a possibility can truly end up your reality. So let’s get out there and do what we set out to do. Ready…Set…GOal!

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