Quote of the Day: Choices

“Don’t underestimate the odds of your future pains by overestimating the value of your present pleasures.”

Dan Gilbert

During a TED Talks titled “Why We Make Bad Decisions”, I couldn’t help but feel ashamed at how careless we can be when making decisions for ourselves. In a world that is ever-changing and options are endless, we certainly have difficulty putting priorities in order.

Whether it’s choosing quantity over quality or instant over delayed gratification, our need for immediate abundance can ultimately be our downfall. Therefore, ask yourself in every decision, what do I really view as valuable? Time, happiness, freedom, love, ingenuity? When it comes to your health, is it quality of life later for current sacrifices (e.g., better diet, exercise)? When it comes to finances, is it financial freedom later in exchange for budgeting and investments now?

All of these questions can be applied to most areas of your life. I challenge you all to think—How will your choices now dictate what your life looks like later?

If you’d like to check out the amazing Ted Talks featuring Dan Gilbert, click here

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