Top 5 Things Your Job’s Employee Assistance Program (EAP) Should Have

As I continue my quest in occupational health nursing, I’ve come to agree with idea that a healthy employee is a productive employee. Think about it, if you had to deal with complex and stressful issues both inside and outside of work, wouldn’t that eventually affect your work performance?

Most large organizations recognize that the workplace environment has changed drastically over the years. With older generations on the road to retirement and new generations coming in, change is apparent. Therefore, developing wellness programs that help promote a healthy work environment has significantly increased the roles of the Occupational Health Nurse and Human Resources team. This is where the Employee Assistance Program comes in.

EAPs have been created over the years to supplement other wellness benefits, like absence leaves (e.g. Short term disability and FMLA), that help to address the multiple areas of your life that can cause stress and a negative work/life balance. Some EAPs can address mental health, physical health, and even financial health. Contact with these resources is mostly free of charge by phone or online, and some even have app privileges!

Therefore, I wanted to suggest the Top 5 things a good Employee Assistance Program can offer to ensure a healthy work/life balance:

  1. Counseling services (for relationships and mental health)
  2. Caregiver services (for children and older adults)
  3. 24hr Nurseline
  4. Financial services (for home buying, savings, and investments)
  5. Legal services (estate planning, court cases, and Wills)

I believe that dealing with these personal life stressors are extremely helpful in maintaining a positive work/life balance. Ask your employer if they have an EAP available, and if not, suggest that they should consider it.

We are all in this together, so let’s make the best of it!

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