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Healthy living is more than just restrictive diets and 4k marathons. True health looks at the whole person—from the food we eat, to the money we spend, and the way we choose our relationships. These things and more make us who we are at the core—“au naturale”.

My Story

Welcome to Leux Naturale!

Hey guys! My name is Lauren Williamson, MPH, BSN, RN, and I’m an integrative health registered nurse who desires to approach life in balance. This same principal goes with how I view health. Whether it’s mental, spiritual, physical, or social health, each individual piece plays a part in who we are as a whole. Does that mean that in order to be healthy, you have to have all of these areas perfectly together? Heck no. But truly finding balance in these areas can make all the difference.

Here at Leux Naturale, we will discuss all things health: diet and exercise, self-care, mental health, career, finances, relationships, and the many other things we try to manage along the way. So join me as we try to live our best lives, in balance—together.

Live your life in full bloom.”

Blog Posts

Diversity in Nursing?: A Brief Look At Why Black Nurses Are So Important In Healthcare

HAPPY BLACK HISTORY MONTH! The care and contribution of the black nurse in the United States stems well over a century. Since the arrival to this country, African-Americans have received the brutal end of health care and health outcomes due to unjust and discriminatory practices. The path to becoming licensed healthcare professionals was no exception.…

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Got Maskne? Top 3 Ways to Reduce Your Mask Acne

Whether you’re a working professional or simply protecting yourself and others during the current health pandemic, pretty much everyone has had experiences wearing a face mask. Depending on your daily activities or work responsibilities, you may be wearing a mask all day long, which can take a huge toll on your skin. These changes in…

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